Grease Exchange for the ESM/PSM Machines

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The grease "Klüber Microlube GB 00" prescribed in the operating instructions of the Wollin die spraying machines must be substitued to the grease "Klüber Centoplex GLP 500".

The reason for this is the negative property of the “Microlube” grease, which is incompatible with components of the release agents used in the ESM or PSM machine and as a result the grease hardens. The normal pressure should be between 5-10 bar. 

One consequence is an increase of the pressure of the grease pump up to the triggering of the overpressure valve which is mounted on the grease pump.

So we recommend substituting the grease as soon as possible.  

If you have any questions, please contact our service department at +49 7172 9105 77.

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