Process Control

The user interface of Wollin controls is tailored to the spraying application.
The intuitive operating concept allows you to create spraying programs with predefined commands without programming knowledge. The easy learnability and the same user interfaces for spraying machines, metal dosing systems, release agent supply systems and gantries enable the user to achieve better results in a short time. 

The display of process data, as well as the integrated Industry 4.0 capabilities allow networking with the die casting machine, as well as external access via remote maintenance (if requested).

Wollin controllers and operator panels are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday foundry use.

Process Control PC3

…suitable for ESM die spraying machines

The process control provides:

  • Further development of the proven PC2 with modern, HTML-based operating concept
  • Platform-independent display in the browser for different screen sizes
  • Spray programs still compatible with PC2, exchange in both directions possible without any problems
  • Modern Beckhoff control hardware with Intel Dual-Core CPU and Windows10 IoT -> well equipped for future tasks

Integration possibilities

  • Versatile interfaces for linking with die casting machine (Standard Profi net)
  • Standard interface for data integration and industry 4.0 applications (Ethernet, OPC UA) also enables simple integration and remote control into other operating concepts
  • Extensive measured values (optional) and diagnostic data available
  • Optional secured remote maintenance access

Drive concept

  • New drive concept with Siemens drive controllers and extended diagnostic and evaluation options
  • Integrated safety functions
  • Regeneration of braking energy for reduced power consumption
  • Extended temperature range allows operation without cooling unit in almost all cases
Process Control PC3

Process Control PC84

The CNC control from SIEMENS:

  • Configurability according to customer requirements
  • Real path control
  • Absolute positioning
  • DIN programming or dialog-supported programming switchable
  • Data backup via network and USB possible


Technical data and a detailed overview of the two controllers are available for download here.

Process Control PC84