Spray solutions for heavy DCM

FPTT3 spray portal

Highly dynamic 3-axis heavy-duty portal for large die casting machines

The change in the automotive industry to e-mobility and new players in the market are presenting die casting with new challenges. The new machine generations are much larger than the previous ones.

We have mastered one of these challenges for spraying the large dies: This highly dynamic spraying portal, largest ever built, realizes shortest cycle times. It also improves CO2 emissions in the foundry. Minimizing the consumption of release agent is practically no energy loss by spraying.

The mounted spraying tool consumes per cycle 36 ml of release agent at 480 spray nozzles and sets a new milestone in spraying technology.


> 5,000 t

Vertical stroke

3,500 mm

Horizontal stroke

3,300 mm

Portal stroke

8,000 mm


400 kg

Max speed

3.5 m/s


3.5 m/s²

Rotation axis


Swivel axis


Rotation speed


Mask spray tool for battery case

Linear axis telescopic sprayer ESMT8 GV

with doubled horizontal axis

  • Short cycletime
  • Heavy payload
  • Economic solution
  • Optional: Service axis for easy maintenance


DCM-Type 5,000 - 10,000 t
Vertical stroke 3,200 mm (more if needed)
Horizontal stroke 3,200 mm (more if needed)
Payload 500 kg

2 or 3 robot spraying system

  • Highly flexible entry-level solution
  • Modular available with 2 or 3 robots


DCM-Type > 5,000 t
Vertical stroke 3,000 mm
Payload 135 - 190 kg