Flow Control

FlowControl is the solution for reliable, fully automatic flow measurement of release agent and air for Wollin spray machines. 

ESM: Flow Sensor Flow Control for Air & Release Agent (Optional)

On the new ESM machines, the flow sensor is installed directly on the machine horizontal unit (optional).

Flow measurement of the release agent quantity

  • Automatic flow measurement per cycle
  • Target / actual comparison of flow rate values
  • Message in case of deviation above the permissible value
  • Signal cycle stop in case of deviation
  • Visualization of process data with storage for quality statistics
  • Non-contact flow sensors (magnetic inductive)


ESM4 Horizontal unit configured with optional air and lube measurement meters

Total air flow measurement (all spray circuits)

Compressed air consumption monitoring for total volume used per cycle. Process values are shown on the display of the flow sensor and on the PC3 control.


Measuring range 3...700 m3/h
Accuracy (within measuring range) ± (3 % MW + 0,3 % MEW)
Repeatability [% of measured value] ± 1,5 % MEW
Compressive strength 16 bar
Flow Measurement Air

Flow measurement of release agent per spray circuit

Each spray circuit can be measured individually.


Measuring range 0,1...25 l/min
Accuracy (within measuring range) ±(0,8 % MW + 0,5 % MEW)
Repeatability [% of measured value] ± 0,2% MEW
Compressive strength 16 bar
Flow Measurement release agent

Flow measurement per spray circuit for machines with PC3 control system

  • 4/6/8 circuits
  • Minimum and maximum quantity in liters can be defined for each circuit


Control flow measurement

Stand-alone device with flow measurement

up to 5 sensors with control S7

  • 1-4 sensors for release agent 1 sensor for concentrate
  • Serves for measuring point monitoring
  • Minimum and maximum limits are adjustable
  • Display of the flow rate
  • 2000 values can be stored per channel
  • Non-contact flow sensors (magnetic inductive)
  • Visualization of process data with storage for quality statistics
  • für Qualitätsstatistik
  • Optional:
    - Flow meter with reducer
    - With pressure switch for display of actual pressure


Concentrate flow measurement

We use a flow meter that determines the flow volume of liquids.

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • IP65, fully potted
Flow meter for ESM4


Measuring range 8-3000 ml/min
Accuracy (within measuring range) ≤ ± 1% MW +- 0,15% MEW
Repeatability [% of measured value] ≤ 0,5% MW
Compressive strength 7 bar
Flow meter on ESM